ALS3001 Light Sensor

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Integrated ambient light sensor extension add-on board for Vesper / Pipistrelle / Sparrow / NanoTag loggers.


The ALS3001 is an add-on module that can be mounted on one of the Loggers to extend its capabilities to sample ambient light.

This Ultra Low Power sensor will easily connect to a Vesper, Pipistrelle, Sparrow, NanoTag Loggers to allow them to record Ambient Light.


Module Features:

  • Matched to human eye like response (rejects 99% IR).
  • Measurements: 0.01 lux to 83 k lux.
  • Ultra Low Operating Power: 1.8 μA (typ).
  • Miniature form factor: 7.5mm x 13mm x 2mm.
  • Lightweight: 0.1g